Vessel Information

The Emerald Island Mothership Experience is owned and operated by Steve Daniels and is affiliated with and supported by the Highliner Lodge, in Pelican, Alaska. Steve has spent his entire 45 year career trolling for salmon and long-lining for halibut to make a living. Fifteen years ago, Steve focused his efforts developing the Highliner Lodge to bring you “Closest to the Fish!”… now he is taking it to the ultimate conclusion… the Emerald Island Mothership Experience!

Best Alaska Halibut Fishing Mothership 02


This 91' x 28' massive steel vessel weighs in at over one million pounds was built to the same specifications as the very best Bering Sea crabbers (think Deadliest Catch) by the storied Marco Shipyard in Seattle, Washington. It is the epitome of seaworthiness and Alaskan practicality, there is nowhere that this vessel cannot venture.

The Emerald Island was designed with 12 large private staterooms and will accommodate 8-10 fishing guests and a Highliner crew to captain the two charter boats, process your fish and provide your meals. Because it will be anchored near the fishing grounds in a calm scenic harbor, the time you spend fishing will increase by 2 to 3 hours each day! This has the potential to increase your catch by 30 to 50%.

The Emerald Island has 12 staterooms

12 State Rooms

The Gally

Large Galley

6 Bathrooms with Showers

7 Bathrooms with Showers

Join us for a virtual tour of The Emerald Island

Interested in the details of what makes this ship run?  Visit the engine room of The Emerald Island!

Follow the link below to check out our custom fleet of charter boats at the Highliner Lodge. Ranging from 30' to 50' in length are boats are big and comfortable. We never put more than four guests on a boat unless you have a larger group and choose to fish with five or six people on the same boat.