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Catch Rates

Our Halibut: 3 times larger than Sitka, Seward or Homer
Our King Salmon: Highest catch rate in the state!

The Intelligent Fisherman
(not always an oxymoron)

While some folks might throw a dart on the chart to choose which stock to invest in, others take a practical common sense approach to choosing an investment. Likewise, choosing where to fish can be approached in much the same way. I have constructed a rational argument for why the Emerald Island or the Highliner Lodge are the premier sport fishing destination in Alaska. No longer should you rely on insider tips, or irrational exuberance, when making this most important of life’s decisions.



Why do we claim to be “Closest to the Fish!”?

Halibut and salmon migrate southeast across the Gulf of Alaska… we are located first in line to catch them.

We have permits to fish BOTH 3A AND 2C

Gulf of AK Fish Migrating


Location, Location, Location!

There are reasons that our average halibut are 3 times bigger than Seward, Homer or Sitka. There is a reason that our king salmon catch rate is the highest in the state… and there is a reason that our peak king salmon season is 3 months long while at most other locations the king salmon season is 3 or 4 weeks long at best. I will present the facts… the reasons. It is up to you to decide if this is an honest and compelling argument. If it is… it should trump any other reason to choose  an Alaskan fishing lodge, after all they call them “fishing” lodges for a reason. People like to catch fish! That is supposed to be why you come all the way to Alaska … to catch fish! There are fine hotels and restaurants in New York and London… but there are no fish in those waters… and everyone understands that. If you are going to a “fishing” lodge… your first concern should be… are there any fish there?…and what are the catch rates? People don’t understand that there are very few fish to catch at many locations in Alaska. Some lodges may have a masseuse and possibly a world famous chef, an endorsement from a famous fishing celebrity… a Frank Lloyd Wright designed lodge and genuine Lincoln Log bedroom furnishings… but don’t you think that they might be trying to overcompensate for something that is missing?

The chart above shows the annual migration of halibut and king salmon from the west, to the east, and then south down along the coastline to Southeast Alaska and British Columbia… then on to Washington… Oregon and finally California. This is the route they have taken for hundreds of thousands of years. The pathway is well defined, as commercial in Alaska fishermen have chased these fish for well over 100 years. When you study the charts and tables below… when you look at the facts… you will note that, year after year, some places catch many more fish that other places. They always will. Fish are creatures of habit. Unfortunately, so are some fishermen!

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